Creating a Business in Retirement – My Story

Most people, at one time or another, have had the inspiration and the dream of starting their own business and once you become a parent the Dream of business ownership becomes more acute than ever. It’s a “Parent thing” of wanting to provide for your family, protect them from elements which you have no control over, because you’re a worker, not an owner. And of course, the idea of leaving a legacy, giving your kids a head start in life, is always on your mind.

I am no different than most Americans, as I have had this dream of owning a business for most of my life. However, unlike the majority of Americans I tried to do something about it, I started my own business. Well, I kinda started my own business.

Being the father of two young boys with a stay at home Mom, I couldn’t be reckless in my venture, so I sort of dipped my toes into the water of capitalism. I had welding experience and owned an arc welder and gas torches, so I opened a welding repair shop in a shed in the back yard. I had visions of starting small and gradually building the business into a huge fabrication company. To spare you the gory details, I was relieved when the city forced me to shut down because of zoning laws.

That little fiasco squelched my dream of owning a business for years, but not to be deterred, as I approached retirement age I figured I’d need the extra income a business would afford me upon retiring. Being much older and wiser I took a different approach to starting a business.

I scoured the Franchise web sites until I was blue in the face but anything which appeared appealing required an unbelievable up-front franchise fee. I was abhorred to see a Window Washing franchise required a $75,000 franchise fee.

I settled on a candy vending business. The entire business was $20,000 for 60 machines and a beginning inventory, plus they placed the machines in High Profit business locations for you. I figured if the unthinkable should occur and my health took a nose dive, I could still put candy in machines and rack in the enormous profits. Again, the gory details skipped, I’m not sure where the machines are today.

Being retired has presented challenges for which I was ill prepared to encounter, but adjusted accordingly lowering my standard of living. I still had the desire to start a business and I really needed additional income, but had absolutely No idea where to begin.

I knew the internet was the best method for making income without a lot of capital and without hard manual labor, which I had to admit to myself I was no longer capable of performing. Trouble was, I was more or less computer illiterate. I wasn’t a total dummy, I could surf the net and what not, but had no idea how to program or anything about HTML.

I tried creating a Goggle Blog, a Facebook business page, I bought two internet businesses off of eBay (don’t do that) and finally attended a junior college class on writing web pages. As usual I was more frustrated than when I began and was absolutely no closer to having an internet business.

Being a dreamer I was constantly buying into programs which promised wealth or how to start a business or whatever and one day I was surfing through my computer programs when I noticed a which I had purchased, but had no idea what it was. I opened the program and began to read the information.

Here was a company which offered Everything I needed. It did not promise to make me rich in 90 days, did not hype any snake oil remedy and actually down played the idea of instant riches.

What they did provide was:

1. a Detailed Plan to follow, each step explained in great detail.

2. An easy to use template for designing your Own webpage site and hosting.

3. An easy to use template to create web pages, complete with photos and/or videos, without having to know HTML or any other computer language.

4. A vast array of coaching, forums, advise and a down to earth business plan. A Turtle is their mascot to stress a Slow but Steady business growth.

It’s been a year now since I began my web site and no, I’m not rich, but my monthly traffic continues to grow and with increased traffic comes increased earnings. Most of my revenue is derived from AdSense, but there’s literally hundreds of ways to make money on the net.